The cap CLASSIC utilizes the power of wind to assist in chimney draft and prevent the return of smoke to the chimney. The cap is always positioned with its “back” to the wind, ensuring that the wind does not disrupt the flow of combustion gases.

The cap rotates using a lubricated rod that is fitted into a sleeve (hight 120 mm). It has special indentations in the cap, where the wind enters, creating a low-pressure zone in the chimney, resulting in improved chimney draft.

Made of 0.6mm acid-resistant stainless steel of the highest quality, 1.4404 grade – ensuring high temperature resistance up to 650°C and a long lifespan for the cowl. It is mounted using 4 mounting holes and is suitable for ventilation chimneys, flue chimneys fueled by coal, wood, pellets, gas, or oil.

Ø150              Ø200
stainless steel


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