Access door

The access door is an element that provides safe access to electrical, water or lighting installations hidden in the wall or ceiling. With its smooth surface and uniform colour, it is a decorative element in which to conceal valves or installation cubes, while leaving access for the user. The access doors are made of high-quality snow-white or graphite ABS plastic. They have a universal leaf and frame design so that the opening direction can be changed at any time, even after mounting in the wall. It is a convenience for the installer as well as the user because the configuration of the furniture can be changed without interfering with the door. They are lockable with click system, so they can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling.
10 x 10 cm
10 x 15 cm
15 x 15 cm
15 x 20 cm
15 x 30 cm
20 x 20 cm
20 x 25 cm
20 x 30 cm
25 x 25 cm
25 x 30 cm
25 x 40 cm
30 x 30 cm
30 x 40 cm
30 x 50 cm
35 x 35 cm
40 x 40 cm
Available colours:
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