BioVent WC - Odor exhaust

BioVent WC

The BioVent WC odour exhaust gives you the opportunity to use the toilet odourlessly without opening the windows or using air fresheners.

How does the BioVent WC odour exhaust work? Toilet odours are sucked out of the bowl by means of a very quiet running fan incorporated in the BioVent WC directly connected to the ventilation chimney or to the outside through the wall of the building, rather than being spread throughout the room. Our unit is particularly recommended for bathrooms that do not have windows.

There is no need to open windows or use deodorisers. Most deodorants affect our health, causing allergies, respiratory irritation, allergies, skin diseases, etc. Instead of these products, install a BioVent WC unit, which works in a similar way to a kitchen odour exhaust.

Available colors:
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