Round ventilation grille
Circular mesh ventilation grilles are the termination of a building’s internal and external ventilation system. They are recommended for installation in spiro-pipes and plastic ventilation systems and under the ceiling. The advantage of this ventilation grille is the mesh already poured in at the production stage, which keeps insects away from the room. Our unique way of doing this is to place the mesh in the design at the production stage so that it does not get dirty, torn off or damaged and is in the colour of the grille – it retains its aesthetic qualities permanently. The shape of the shutters directs the air “downwards” so that there is no windy effect in the rooms where ventilation grille is located.
Ø 60
Ø 70
Ø 80
Ø 90
Ø 100
Ø 120
Ø 125
Ø 150
Avaliable colours:
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