Metal access doors
We’re happy to announce the expansion of our range of access doors. Introducing our new metal access doors now available for purchase.
  • made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.7mm
  • powder-coated in white
  • available in a wide range of sizes – up to 16 options, to perfectly suit your needs.
  • can also be used outdoors.
codenameX [cm]Y [cm]A [cm]B [cm]C [cm]
02-601Metal access door 15/15 white19,7019,7015152,6
02-602Metal access door 15/20 white19,7024,7015202,6
02-603Metal access door 15/30 white19,7034,7015302,6
02-604Metal access door 20/20 white24,7024,7020202,6
02-605Metal access door 20/25 white24,7029,7020252,6
02-606Metal access door 20/30 white24,7034,7020302,6
02-607Metal access door 25/25 white29,7029,7025252,6
02-608Metal access door 25/30 white29,7034,7025302,6
02-609Metal access door 30/30 white34,7034,7030302,6
02-610Metal access door 30/40 white34,7044,7030402,6
02-611Metal access door 40/40 white44,7044,7040402,6
02-612Metal access door 40/50 white44,7054,7040502,6
02-613Metal access door 40/60 white44,7064,7040602,6
02-614Metal access door 50/50 white54,7054,7050502,6
02-615Metal access door 50/60 white54,7064,7050602,6
02-616Metal access door 60/60 white64,7064,7060602,6
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